Strategic Social Media Planning for Classical Music Ensembles

As a musician, teacher and performer, I promote music: new, old and everything in between. It’s my passion and my life’s work.

I first became invested in classical music engagement when I was in 7th grade and I noticed two problems:

1. All my friends dropped out because it wasn’t “cool” and nobody wanted to do zero period

2. Fellow students didn’t want to come hear us perform. It was really hard to get an audience!

The subject of classical music, its audience and the need for engagement has fueled a fire in me for many years. It finally dawned on me recently that while I love playing, I equally love promoting the art form. I constantly think about it, research it, and talk about it, so it’s about time I use that information for good!

I’ve decided to use my knowledge, experience and passion to help other ensembles and musicians promote themselves through strategic social media planning. While my first project was simply promoting myself, I’ve also helped a variety of other musicians get their social media and marketing plans up and running as well.

I’m extremely excited to announce my PR involvement with wildUp; a new, up and coming contemporary classical ensemble. Under the direction of Christopher Rountree, they are challenging the status quo, engaging the audience and making change. I’m honored to be the PR and social media consultant for this group and am loving every minute of it!

Calisa Hildebrand

Flutist and Social Media Consultant


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