“A Map of the Imagination,” by Katherine Saxon

I’m so excited I can barely stay calm enough to write this post!

“A Map of the Imagination,” by Katherine Saxon, commissioned by and written for my flute, viola, piano trio, has arrived! I’m sitting here, looking at it right now!

We will be premiering this piece at the UC Santa Barbara Primavera Festival of Contemporary Arts and Digital Media on April 30th at 7 pm as part of the “Electric Catfish” performance.  I know it will be received well and I’m so looking forward to getting to go back to Santa Barbara, play with my favorite musicians, and work with this extremely talented composer.

The coolest thing about having someone that knows you so well write a piece for you is that I get all things Calisa in it.  Here’s a list of my favorite techniques she included:

-Flutter Tonguing!!!

-LOUD flutter tonguing!

-Multiphonics (playing multiple notes at once)

-Glissandos and note bends

-“Knock on viola body with fists” and “Hit the outside of the piano body”

-“Stomp feet” (um… awesome!)

And that just skims the surface. It’s going to be very cool.

Did I mention how excited I am to get to play with my trio, Major Third, again? Shannon McCue, the violist, and Margaret Halbig, the pianist, are incredible musicians. Combine that with a great piece by a wonderful composer and you have a recipe for something truly amazing.

Thank you, Katie, for all your hard work! We are so thankful for everything you have done!


Recordings to come, I promise!


4 thoughts on ““A Map of the Imagination,” by Katherine Saxon

  1. Gloria Markussen says:

    We are all so proud of you! I can’t wait to hear a recording of your performances. Have fun, and throw in a couple of extra foot stomps for me.

  2. Garrett Hildebrand says:

    Would love to hear the recording. I think this is wonderful. Like Gloria sai, we are all proud of you.

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