My Story


I’m passionate about the power of social media to create social change. But more than that, I love telling stories. When I’m lucky, I get to tell really inspiring “get you out of your chair and do something” stories that combine digital, video, graphic design, and communications.

I am a social media manager and communications strategist with 10 years of experience. I specialize in producing digital marketing and internal communications campaigns that incorporate web, video, email, and social media in an effort to drive brand strategy, engagement, and awareness. On the communications side, I’ve created company-wide internal communications strategies and editorial content that support employee engagement initiatives. Essentially, I work to keep people informed and engaged through interesting, innovative content.

I thrive in a creative, innovative, fast-paced environment that requires multi-tasking and encourages co-creation. I have a strong work ethic and a desire to learn new tools, technologies, and industries. The more I know, the more I can help break down silos and create change.